Herbal Treatment

Herbs are chosen after a detailed consultation. The herbs are blended specifically for the person, two people with the same condition will often have a different blend.


Naturopathic Treatment

A full consultation is taken, and a treatment plan is drawn up. It is about educating and empowering the person to create better long term health.


Nutritional Treatment

A consultation establishes the current functioning of the body, including digestion and metabolism, which enables specific nutritional recommendations.


Aromatherapy Massage

A body massage using essential oils. Oils can lift the mood, relax the body and mind, promote focus and clarity, dispel fears, promote deep sleep and reduce stress levels.


Hopi Ear Candling

Hopi ear candles have been used for centuries throughout North America and Asia to treat ear problems and had been known to the Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks.



At the Naturopathy Clinic you will find a range of treatments and therapies to help bring about your improved health and wellbeing—using Nutritional and Herbal Medicine, Holistic Therapies and Yoga tailored to your individual needs.
As we are living in a time where chronic stress, poor nutrition and environmental pollution are leading us to lifestyle-related illness, natural treatment offers a safe and effective option to restore balance to the body and mind.
Fiona Brewer ND, Dip Herb, MNRRI