Healthy Weight Loss


The natural approach to weight loss works!  No gimmicks! It stays working as it is about re-educating the body and mind and empowering you to eat in a way that maintains a healthy weight.  And eating lots of tasty good stuff!  It is not about calorie counting.  It is about dropping pounds quickly by becoming aware of what the problem areas might be for you, triggers to eating,  blood sugar issues which create cravings, supporting the adrenal glands to  provide you with energy and motivation, balancing underlying thyroid imbalance to correct slow metabolism,  moving the body in a way that you enjoy and that is correct for your constitution, nurturing not denying, identifying if the body needs to detoxify and assisting it in doing so gently and effectively, as sometimes you cannot loose weight until this is done.

You can begin to loose excess weight in a healthy way immediately, discovering new healthy foods to love along the way!  Don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your needs.