Rest, Relax & Renew: Easing into the New Year – Sunday Jan 20th 1-3pm

The celtic wheel of the year reminds us that we are still in winter.  It is  still a time for rest & stillness.  For contemplation and taking stock, rather that action.  Honoring this  prepares us to feel more inspired and indeed healthy as the wheel turns and we come into Spring and onwards.  So if you have been too quick off the blocks this January and your body and mind are in need of some TLC and perhaps some grounding, this is the workshop or should I say rest shop for you!

With this practice  we have long holds in poses enabling the body to rid itself of deeply held stagnation and tension which accumulates more easily over the colder months.

This type of practice takes us out of sympathetic nervous system dominance (stress) into parasympathetic dominance (rest and digest), unless we do something to make this switch on a regular basis, we easily become overwhelmed and exhausted!  This workshop combines the most relaxing three practices within Yoga: Yin Yoga , Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra.

One practice flows into the other and the design and intention of the practice is to uplift and bring about a sense of peace and wellness in body, mind and spirit. These are all different practices but each in their own way help us to experience letting go, of tension, pain/ trauma and foster a meditative state. When we combine these practices together, well, let’s just say relaxation is pretty much guaranteed, and the feeling remains long after you leave the mat.

Cost €25  Venue:  Seomra Shakti Yoga Studio, Unit , Zone C Mullingar Business Park, Co Westmeath  A 2 hour Yoga practice can be a great introduction if you are a beginner OR a chance to deepen the practice if you already attend classes.  For booking text  Fiona on 087 9690936 Places limited, and booking is essential