An Afternoon to Retreat-Deepening into Autumn – October 8th- 1.30-4.30pm- Mullingar



Now we spiral  deeper into Autumn, heading towards Samhain at the end of October.  We use our practices to listen to our deep inner wisdom and what that is guiding us towards. Honoring and drawing inspiration from nature, we explore through our practices the themes of rest, dormancy, and hibernation.

You  are  invited to slow down, and turn inwards so that we can deeply nourish and replenish our life force through the dark season.  This afternoon is to assist with making this transition, allowing us to remember, atune to and  trust in the natural rhythms and cycles.

You are invited into a gentle easy space for the afternoon.   Here we will blend together some nourishing practices to bring us into our bodies, to connect with our hearts and regulate our nervous systems. A time to turn inwards to welcome the darker part of the year and the gifts it offers.

You will be guided through these practices:

Yoga– Breathing practice, movement, and deeply restorative yoga

Meditation– Meditation to arrive and deeply restful Yoga Nidra.

Cacao Ceremony-A centuries old ritual. The cacao plant is used as a heart healing and opening medicine. It assists in energetic healing and bringing clarity.  We will enjoy organic, rich, delicious ceremonial cacao incorporating autumnal spices.  It weaves in  beautifully with our other practices of yoga and meditation and deepens our experience of these.

Bring a blanket, water, cosy socks and any thing you need for comfort.

A warm welcome awaits you.


*If you are on SSRI ‘S, MAOI’s or have a serious heart condition, please contact me in advance and I will advise some modifications around the cacao or bring an herbal infusion.

Booking & prepayment essential as numbers are limited.

Cancellation Policy:

72 hours’ notice: Full refund

48 hours’ notice: 50% refund (if I fill your place full refund will be given)

Venue: The Soul Hut, Unit 12b, Lough Sheever Corporate Park, Mullingar. N91RY10