Seasonal Health Mini Consultation



Are you curious about herbs, and how they might support you?

These mini consults are for those who want a chat with a herbalist for some guidance and insight  with a view to blending a tonic specific to your needs at this time.

It is not a full consultation. (These are 75 mins long and are more in depth and for those who want more time).

The mini consults are 20 minutes long, done via whats app videocall, or by phone. They are an opportunity for you  to chat about where you are at, what you would like support with. And for me to get a feel for what herbs will suit your.

Herbs work on the physical, mental and emotional levels, in other words they work holistically with your whole being.  I supply them in a liquid form.

Herbs  are at an additional cost.

2 weeks €35

1 month €70

Once you purchase your consult, please message me directly to schedule your call and get started.