Urban Retreat at Bealtaine-Yoga & Cacao- Sunday April 30th- 3-6pm


Bealtaine occurs at the beginning on May 1st.  In the Celtic calendar it  marks the start of summer. The season of blossoming, aliveness, fertility and expansion. We gather on Bealtaine eve at the transition of Spring to Summer.  It is lovely to take time out to retreat and reset and to welcome the summer energy. It is a time to flourish and blossom.

On this afternoon I invite you into a gentle easy space. Here we will blend together some nourishing practices to really bring us into our bodies, connect with our hearts, regulate our nervous systems and get ready to align with and move into the fiery expansive aliveness of the coming season.

Blessed is the life lived at a pace that is in sync with the land on which it is lived’ –    Wendell Berry 

You will be guided through the following practices:

Yoga– Breath work, movement, and deeply restorative yoga
Meditation– Meditation to arrive and deeply restful Yoga Nadra.
Cacao Ceremony-A centuries old ritual. The cacao plant is used as a heart healing and opening medicine. It assists in energetic healing and bringing clarity. People report feeling softer, open and relaxed, and more loving. We will enjoy organic, rich, delicious ceremonial cacao. Hot chocolate on a whole other level! It marries beautifully with our other practices of yoga and meditation.

Bring a blanket, eye pillow, cosy socks and anything you need for comfort.


*If you are on SSRI ‘S, MAOI’s or have a serious heart condition, please contact me in advance and I will advise some modifications around the cacao or bring a herbal infusion.


Booking & prepayment essential as numbers are limited.

Cancellation Policy:

72 hours’ notice: Full refund

48 hours’ notice: 50% refund (if I fill your place full refund will be given)


NEW Venue: THE SOUL HUT, Unit 12b , Lough Sheever Corporate park Mullingar, Ireland N91 RY10