Urban Retreat- Yoga & Cacao- 30th December 5-8pm.


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Join me for an evening of rest and replenishment  by candlelight. Practices  to assist us in staying grounded into the beautiful winter energy and all that it has to offer us.   We have passed the darkest day, the deepest point of winter on December 21st.  But we are still very much in winter. At the beginning of the new calendar year there is often an onslaught of media messages about reinventing ourselves and making resolutions and so on. If we align with the natural earth rhythms we realise, this is not the time to do this, in fact quite the opposite. It is time to continue to rest, go slowly and seek stillness. To embrace the winter as a time for recovery and rejuvenation,  of processing and letting go of the old ways that no longer serve.  This is a time to allow and accept and EMBRACE all aspects of ourselves without feeling outside pressure to change anything. To go inwards towards our own deepest truths and hearts wisdom, and let that be our compass when we do begin to move out of this phase as Spring arrives.

This is a specially curated evening, to meet and hold us in our wintering. To connect with the wisdom of not moving into action mode too soon… To wait it out a little longer. So that we can travel the wheel of the year with ease and in sync and flow with the earth’s natural rhythms.

A gentle space to land and allow time for recovery especially if there has been too much output of energy and not enough tending to your own being. A place to meet yourself with deep kindness and embrace yourself in all your wild and natural wonder.

We will blend together some nourishing practices including:

Mindful Yoga, Yin & Restorative Yoga, Gentle Breathing practice.

Meditation- Meditation and deeply restful Yoga Nidra.

Cacao Ceremony-A centuries old ritual. The cacao plant is is used as a heart healing and opening medicine. It assists in energetic healing, promotes relaxation and  a feeling of contentment,  People report feeling softer, open and relaxed, and more loving. We will enjoy organic, rich, delicious ceremonial cacao with warming seasonal spices. It marries beautifully with our other practices of yoga and meditation.

Bring your favourite cup for the cacao, a blanket, eye pillow, cosy socks, hot water bottle and anything you need for comfort.


I really look forward to welcoming you to these winter sessions, it is such a potent and special time of year.


*If you are on SSRI ‘S, Maoi’s or have a serious heart condition, please contact me in advance and I will advise some modifications around the cacao.

Booking & prepayment essential as numbers are limited.

Cancellation Policy:

72 hours’ notice: Full refund

48 hours’ notice: 50% refund (if I fill your place full refund will be given)

Venue: Alan Kanes Clinic (formerly Seomra Shakti Yoga Studio) Unit 8, Zone C, Mullingar Business Park. N91E6PH


Wintering brings about some of the most profound and insightful moments of our human experience, and wisdom resides in those who have wintered.