When was the last time you talked with someone about your health and received personal care and attention?

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I run regular Yoga Workshops, these are 2 hour classes run at the weekend, which deepen the benefits of yoga.

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This is an opportunity to move out of daily life. To slow down and listen more deeply to yourself.

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Musings on all things Naturopathic, herbs, yoga and more.

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Welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit me here at the Naturopathy Clinic. I am a Natuopathic Herbalist, Yoga Teacher and Holistic Therapist.

My philosophy is that in order to live a full and happy life, we must put our health and wellbeing to the forefront. Our daily habits are what determine our quality of health and our longevity. We only get one unique body. How we care for ourselves changes through the seasons of the year and the seasons and cycles of life. Learning how to attune to ourselves and these rhythms and cycles is a vital part of how we thrive.




There are a selection of pre blended tonics available . These are all made from organic herbalist grade herbs that are grown biodynaically.



"As soon as you see the wide, welcoming smile on Fiona’s face as she greets you at her door you know that you are in the right place. The generosity of her smile is reflected in her amazing ability to listen and to give you her undivided attention during a consultation or a reflexology session. Her therapy space resonates with her passion for wellness, and her willingness to share her knowledge of Chinese medicine, herbalism and naturopathy is truly empowering. I have recommended Fiona to nearly every member of my family and they have also been inspired to take back their power and to take control of their own wellbeing. Without hesitation I can say that Fiona is truly the best practitioner I have ever met."


"I first met Fiona as a customer when she ran her Wild Earth Health Store in Dominic Street, Mullingar. Since then I have frequently attended Fiona for Massage, Reflexology, Health Consultations, Herbal Tonics and most recently Yoga. She has helped me to regain and maintain good health and reduce significant stress in my life. Fiona is a highly professional, highly qualified, intuitive, safe pair of hands! In my experience she always listens carefully and combines her training and knowledge with her strong intuition to arrive at a perfect solution. I admire Fiona greatly as she is always adding to her repertoire of expertise with ongoing training in new areas which she then applies in all she does. I cannot recommend Fiona Brewer of The Naturopathy Clinic highly enough. I wish Fiona and The Naturopathy Clinic every success always."

Maria BourkePersonal Coach & Facilitator

"If you are seeking rejuvenation, take a yoga class with Fiona! As a 57 year old woman, I can get stiff and achy sometimes. A session with Fiona and I am like a well-oiled machine again! My posture is better, there’s a bounce in my step, I’m more flexible and pain free. I feel rejuvenated, body, mind and spirit. Fiona Brewer is one of the best yoga teachers I have ever encountered. Do yourself a favour, take a class with her as soon as possible!"

Gina McGarryDirector Arts

I have really fond memories of pregnancy yoga with Fiona. It felt like it was real quality time spent taking a break from busy life and connecting with my baby and with my body. I always felt great leaving her classes and after my last class with an overdue bump I had a baby in my arms a few hours later! Fiona's herbal remedies are also fantastic and she has a wealth of nutritional information. We as a family have used various herbal remedies and found them very beneficial. She is great at tailoring them to our family's changing needs, which is really helpful. Fiona herself is great to deal with; friendly, approachable and professional.


I have been going to Fiona's yoga classes since 2014. She was highly recommended to me by a friend. I was very stressed at that time in my life and I had heard yoga was great for de-stressing and relaxing the body, plus I was a bit nervous to try it too as I had heard lots of different things and it was in my eyes my last resort. But when I rang Fiona, her voice instantly calmed me and put me at ease . I was really looking forward to going and from the first day I went I haven't looked back. She made me feel so welcome and comfortable. I have signed up for 6 week programmes and done various workshops with Fiona. She is such a genuine person with a heart of gold and has a unique way of teaching. It is about listening to your body & not pushing it beyond its limit. At the same time you know your body had worked and is relaxed at the same time. I'm so glad Fiona's yoga class was recommended to me as I couldn't have found a better teacher. Thank you Fiona


I decided on my second pregnancy to take time out to do a yoga class weekly and I am delighted I did.
I found the benefits incredible both during and after my pregnancy. I felt totally relaxed and calm throughout, luckly for me the class was on a Monday evening so I was set up for the week. I slept so soundly the night of my class and on nights I found it hard to settle I practiced the same breathing tecniques Fiona taught us until I nodded off. I used the same breathing while preparing for my c section it was a life saver.
The icing on the cake is I have one very chilaxed baby boy.
Fiona is such a wonderful, gentle person who suits Yoga teaching immensly. I am looking forward to getting back to my class for the winter to enjoy a little me time.


“Fiona was recommended to me by a friend while I was suffering from a persistent cough which conventional medicines could not cure.
Through natural herbs and remedies which Fiona recommended I finally got rid of the cough and it has never returned. Fiona is an extremely knowledgeable and warm hearted Naturopathy Therapist who treats you with a holistic approach and gets to the root of the problem. I’d encourage anyone who is looking for a healthier way of life to go to Fiona. I am so glad that I did as I am now a lot healthier and happier as a result of my visits”.

Rita BWestmeath