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A Day to Retreat~ Sunday October 9th, 10.30am-5pm at Mornington House.

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A day to step out of everyday roles and responsibilities and come back home  to yourself. To come out of “DOING” and into “BEING “. So much of our time can be spent thinking, planning, organizing, and controlling.  This day is about letting go and surrendering all of this,  meeting yourself where you are right in the moment.  A day like this really facilitates this letting go and surrendering, as someone else is taking care of your needs, t his leaves space for your body and mind let go, rest and heal. You will be guided through  practices  to bring you  into stillness, to rest, rejuvenate and gently open and let go of tension physically, mentally and emotionally.

To retreat is essential to our well being.  Often it’s not until we carve out this space, that we realize how much we needed it. This day is about being in beautiful warm and cozy place, surrounded by nature, being nourished with yoga, meditation, delicious homemade food.  A chance to learn practices which can become self care tools you can bring into daily life to restore yourself often, so that you can become more centered and grounded in your daily  life.  When we retreat, even for a short time, it enables us to shift perspectives, unleash creativity and come back to life with more clarity, a bit like pressing the reset button! No previous yoga experience needed.

“Quiet your mind and you will hear whispers of Love emanating from your own soul”


10.30am: ARRIVE
Greet the morning with Yoga Nidra: This will be the first of 2 Yoga nidra’s we will practice. Somewhat similar to a guided meditation.   Practicing Yoga Nidra early in the day is advantageous because we are awake and alert so can really access a lovely relaxed state without nodding off! It helps to awaken and enliven all parts of the body for the day to come.  In this very simple but profound practice I will guide your awareness around the body, create a Sankalpa ( heartfelt intention) and relax into a guided visualization.

11.15am – 12.45pm  PRANAYAMA & YOGA FLOW EMBODIMENT PRACTICE . A Yoga practice to bring us into the present moment.  A slow deep stretch, moving into a slow mindful flow, and ending with a lovely long savasana.

12.45-1.45: LUNCH

A walk in nature, through the woodlands, which will really allow you to soak in the healing power of nature , and as it is in silence, there is a chance to really become aware of the sights and sounds and take it all in at this time of year when things are coming into bloom.
Yin, Restorative & Yoga Nidra. In our yoga nidra we will have a chance to connect with our Sankalpa, which we began workinging with in the morning, this is a very transormative practice.  A practice to guide you into a place of deep surrender, stillness and rest.

  • Suitable for all levels and those with no previous yoga experience are welcome.  Modifications of all yoga poses will be offered so that everyone can have a practice to suit them. 

COST: €80 including Lunch.

VENUE: The Stables at Mornington House, Multyfarnham, Co Westmeath.
Check out this beautiful venue here:

Places are limited and booking is essential.

“In order to understand the world, one has to turn away from it on occasion.”

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