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Welcome It In – Coming into Stillness on New Year’s Eve – December 31st 2016, 1-3pm.

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An alternative way to celebrate and welcome the New Year. This practice will bring us into a calm and relaxed space to facilitate greeting the New Year feeling grounded and with an open heart.

This workshop combines three practices, Yin and Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra. The intention of the practice is for you to experience a deep sense of peace and wellbeing. On the eve of this New Year we will use the practice to remind us that we are enough just as we are and that all is well as we move into this New Year. We will have the opportunity to bring in a Sankalpa. Translated from Sanskrit this means heartfelt desire, it goes beyond the ego to help us get in touch with what we want to bring more of into our lives this year. I hope you leave with feeling of peace that will stay with you after you leave the mat and set the tone for 2017!

Physiologically this type of practice takes us out of sympathetic nervous system dominance (stress) into parasympathetic dominance (rest and digest), unless we do something to make this switch on a regular basis, we easily become overwhelmed and exhausted. You will be carefully guided through throughout and encouraged to release stress on all levels.
We will practice by candlelight.

Cost: €25. *Deposit required to secure your place.

Venue: Phoenix Yoga Studio, Market Point Medical Park, Mullingar, Co, Westmeath

A 2 hour Yoga practice can be a great introduction if you are a beginner OR a chance to deepen the practice if you already attend classes.

For more information/to book your place contact Fiona on 087 9690936
Places limited, and booking is essential.

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