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Rest and Restore at Autumn Equinox ~ Fri 23rd September, 6.30pm-8pm

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In the Celtic calendar, Autumn Equinox represents a point of balance, when day and night are of equal length. It marks the beginning of the more dormant phase of the year, where we move from active (yang energy), to a more restful and reflective (yin) state. This practice is designed to align our energy with this. At a very deep level it is our natural inclination to begin to turn inward, however modern life often dictates otherwise, if we let it. This practice will facilitate this shift, and help you attune to what it is you need at this time to be healthy, grounded and vibrant for the season ahead. It provides the body with an opportunity to heal, and too exercise the relaxation muscle! Something we often forget about doing in the busyness of modern life and of the season. Physiologically this type of practice takes us out of sympathetic nervous system dominance (stress) into parasympathetic dominance (rest and digest), unless we do something to make this switch on a regular basis, we easily become overwhelmed and exhausted!
We will enjoy a full restorative yoga practice by candlelight, where we have long holds in poses supported with bolsters and props to ensure total comfort and ease, wrapped in cosy blankets. The practice will end with a lovely seasonal yoga nidra, also known as yogic sleep!

Cost: €20

Venue: Phoenix Yoga Studio, Market Point Medical Park, Mullingar, Co, Westmeath

Places limited, so please get in touch to book.

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