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POP UP Restorative Yoga by Candlelight- Feel the LOVE! 6.30-8pm Friday Feb 12th 2016

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Cultivating positivity and LOVE this Valentines weekend. This pop  up classes is an opportunity to take some time out for deep rest and relaxation and to connect inwards.  A deeply relaxing practice to bring awareness to the heart centre, along with the chest  and upper back area.  An opportunity to release tension and  body armouring   in this area which can be caused by stress, grief, posture and lack of kindness toward ourselves. Our breathing can become shallow if there is tension here which effects overall wellbeing.  The  restorative practice features long holds in gentle heart opening  poses to bring about a sense of balance, lightness and joy, fostering feelings of kindness, love and forgiveness.   This is a great time of year to do this practice, as we shake off winter and open spring, a time of hope and possibility.  .Also relaxation is something we must train the body to do; it is like a muscle that must be exercised.  Something we often forget about doing in the busyness of modern life.  Physiologically this type of practice takes us out of sympathetic nervous system dominance (stress) into parasympathetic dominance (rest and digest),  unless we do something to make this switch on a regular basis, we easily become overwhelmed and exhausted!  I hope you can show yourself some love and treat yourself  to this lovely practice and a Yoga Nidra. (Yogic Sleep!)


Cost: €15 per class                                                     BOOKING ESSENTIAL.

For details/ to book, contact Fiona on 087 9690936 

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